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Uluwatu Temple

Discovering Uluwatu Temple: Presence of Bali’s Ancient Shrine

Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple

As Indonesia is abundant of cultures, ethnicity, tribes, traditions and rituals, it is feasible that it has many ancient temples to visit such as Borobudur, Prambanan, and Mendut temples located in the land of Java. PuraLuhurUluwatu or Uluwatu temple is one of Bali’s famous sea temples that has also been regarded as one of the nine directional temples located in Pecatu village, Kuta South District. The name Luhur means “something divine and origin”, Ulu means “land’s end”, and Watu means “rock” in the ancient language.

The purpose of Uluwatu temple construction is to protect the entire Bali against evil spirits as Balinese Hindus believe of the existence of three divine powers such as Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva. Besides, Uluwatu temple is regarded as a place of worship of Siva Rudra, the Hindu deity in Bali of all life elements and aspects. Its height position for being in a plateau of Indian Ocean, daily Kecak dance performance, and ancient sculptures makes Uluwatu temple more appealing. According to several inscriptions, Uluwatu temple’s existence has two versions. Firstly, it was originated from MpuKunturan, a Majapahit monk who also involved with the existence of Pura Sakenan in Denpasar. Secondly, it came from DhangHyangDwijendra, a holy priest from East Java who eventually chose Uluwatu temple as the last worshiping place during his spiritual journey. Because of this chronicle, Balinese people believe that the priest had reached the highest spiritual point connected to the deity by abruptly disappear within the lightning strike.

The Features of Uluwatu Temple

One of Uluwatu temple’s features is the inhabitants of abundant monkeys that are expert of taking visitors’ belonging including bags, cameras, eyeglasses, bracelets, etc. If something has been taken by the monkeys, it is suggested to exchange it for some fruit nearby Uluwatu temple area. Even though sometimes it is annoying to see the naughty monkeys taking several things, they are regarded as spiritual protectors of the temple. Besides, Uluwatu temple possesses a cave with the formation of rocks leading into a beach closed to it. The beach is regarded as famous spot to do surfing within the huge wave.

Several Things to Know About Uluwatu Temple

Here are several things to know while visiting this exotic temple.Firstly, Uluwatu temple holds big temple anniversary celebration in every six months according to Balinese 210-day Pawukon cycle around Kuta and Denpasar. Secondly, visitors must wear sarong and sash as the custom while visiting Uluwatu temple area. Thirdly, Kecak dance performance begins at 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm completed with the sunset background, making it more attractive. Fourthly, there is no public transportation heading to Uluwatu temple and going back to town unless there is any prearranged ride or taxi. Fifthly, it is suggested to plan a visit to Uluwatu temple area between March to September for such incredible, spectacular, and amazing clear sunset over Uluwatu. Sixthly, there are several tourist spots nearby Uluwatu temple such as Uluwatu Beach that is well-known for surfing like Dreamland and Padang-Padang beach, and Tirtha wedding chapel that possesses picturesque and romantic beach front in Bali as it is in Bukit Peninsula, one of Bali’s famous places to visit.

Seventeenth, there are several stalls selling souvenirs made of seashells and corals made in such natural and gorgeous look. Eighth, there are several kinds of accommodations to offer such as warung (traditional café), motels, hotels, and villas. If planning to stay at the warung, the travelers just have to pay for the meal. Lastly, there are also various kinds of restaurants nearby Uluwatu temple area from the cheapest to the most expensive restaurants depending on the facilities and menus. Even though there are abundant shrines in Bali, it is recommended to witness the breathtaking panorama of Uluwatu temple together with family and friends.