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Ubud Traditional Market

Ubud Traditional Market: The Best destination for Shopping

Ubud traditional market

Ubud traditional market

Travelling in Bali will not be complete without visiting the markets there. There are many markets that sell traditional goods that can be used as souvenirs for your family and friends. In Ubud, there is a famous market called Ubud traditional market. It is opposite the Ubud Royal Palace in jalanWenaraWana in Gianyar Bali. The domestic and international visitors come to the Ubud traditional market every day.

Knowing the Ubud Traditional Market

The market opens daily from 8.00- 18.00. Actually, the Ubud traditional market consists of two different types of market. The eastern side of the market is actually used as traditional market, while the western side of the market is the place for selling artwork and handicraft. The market sells various types of souvenirs from traditional to contemporary including paintings and handicrafts such as wooden bags, clothes, hats, statues, and many more with cheap prices. The visitors can bargain for lower prices to the sellers. The prices there usually are cheap if you good at bargaining. Most stalls in the Ubud traditional market do not attach the price tags so you have to ask for it. You should be smart at bargaining if you want to get the best prices because the actual price is usually ten times lower than the asking price. The goods sold there mainly are handmade. They are produced and made in the villages nearby.

Many tourists choose to buy souvenirs in Ubud traditional market because they are unique and can be found anywhere else. Besides, the quality of the goods there are better than the goods in other markets. The tourist can walk along the market while looking for the goods from one stall to another stall. Sometimes, one day is just not enough to explore all the parts of the Ubud traditional market, so the tourists usually will go back there the next day.
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