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Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace: the Sacred Landmark in Ubud

Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace

Ubud Royal Palace is regarded as one of the most famous spots in Ubud. It is located precisely on Ubud Main Street and can be reached after one hour-drive from Denpasar. The Ubud Royal Palace was previously used as the house of the Ubud’s kings which then passed down and lived by the kings’ descendants until these days. The palace is well-known for its Balinese dance performances. However, some parts of the palace are closed for the public.

Inside the Ubud Royal Palace

The tourists can enter the Ubud Royal Palace for free daily at 09-00 – 17.00. The palace is decorated by Balinese ornaments and has traditional Balinese architecture. The surrounding areas of the palace have beautiful and fresh garden look. The performance stage also has strong Balinese influence on the construction. It can be seen from the background of the stage and the decorative parts of it such as the statuses. Having this Bali tour package, the tourists can enjoy the scenery while walking around the Ubud Royal Palace and taking some pictures there. Our Bali tour guide will also available to help and guide the visitors who want to know more about the history and the palace itself. Moreover, there is also the palace’s meeting halls that are used as host for important events in Bali.

The Dance Performances

The main attraction of the Ubud Royal Palace is the dance performances that usually held in the evening. The tickets usually will be sold in the afternoon. The well-preserved architecture and ornaments along with the gamelan orchestra will serve the tourists a great dance performance with exotic view. The most popular dance performed in the Ubud Royal Palace is Legong Dance. The dance is about the story of Gods and Goddess returnnin to the earth. Besides, the other types of dance such as Barong Baris and Gabor dance can also be seen there.

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