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Tohpati Batik Bali

Interesting Vacation in Tohpati Batik Bali

Tohpati Batik Bali

Tohpati Batik Bali

Batik is the art that comes from Indonesia. Not only in Jogjakarta, can you find there are many Batik craftsmen in the island of Bali. The place that produces batik is Tohpati. Tohpati village is located in Batubulan. This village is very well known as the producer of Tohpati batik. If you want to know the process of making Tohpati batik Bali, you can come to this popular village in Bali. Make your Bali tour package and even more interesting and memorable by visiting the village of  Tohpati.

The original Tohpati Batik Bali from Bali Island As you know that in Jogjakarta the process of making batik is usually painted and stamped, it is different in Tohpati village. Tohpati batik is made by weaving process. This way will produce the batik with the higher quality. The result is of course different with the Jogjakarta Batik. However, you can see that there is special value of Balinese art that is unique impression from Tohpati Batik.

By visiting this place, you can also learn how the way to make the unique Tohpati Batik. You will feel satisfied. After you finish learning the way to make the Tohpati batik, you can see some kinds of batik clothes. You can buy some of them as the Bali souvenirs. Besides they can be worn by yourself, you can give them for your family or friends.

The great choice for shopping the souvenirs

Your vacation will not complete if you don’t buy some Balinese souvenirs. For this reason, no wonder if there are many tourists come to this place to buy some batik clothes. Besides Tohpati batik is interesting, it also has the good quality. The main purpose of some people come to this place is for having Bali vacation. However, after looking for the process of making the batik, many people are interested in shopping.

Tohpati batik is very interesting. Get it in Tohpati village. Hopefully, your Bali vacation will be fun. Happy vacation!