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Tirta Empul Bali

Tasting the Holy Healing Water Legend at Tirta Empul Bali

Tirta Empul Bali

Tirta Empul Bali

Bali is known not only for its beauty geographically, but also for its stunning cultures which are preserved from generation to generation. From plenty fascinating places you can visit in Bali, one of them you can’t skip is Tirta Empul Bali. Not to mention, but from many temples you may visit in Bali, this one is not the most beautiful one, but the thing which makes this temple unique is the serene atmosphere and its ritual. Inside the temple, there is a square spring pool that is used by the villagers to worship their Gods. So then, be sure that you know how to behave when visiting Tirta Empul Bali.

The Way to Visit Tirta Empul Bali

Anyway, a suggestion for you when visiting Tirta Empul Bali,be sure you hire a trusted local guide so then, you won’t do something like cultural faux pas. The temple itself is quite old.It was built about 926 AD. However, within that time until now, there are some improvements, but still it won’t lost its so-called sacred elements. Oh, this is a Tirta Empul Bali Guide you need to know. Speaking of which, you can enjoy the taste of legend of the holy water inside the temple complex while you are heading to Kintamani Volcano or Batur Mountain or you can also stop to Tirta Empul Bali on your way to Elephant Safari Park.

Another tip for you while travel Tirta Empul Bali is bring extra clothes if you have no resistance of water. Nevertheless, based on legend, the spring pool that is located around the complex of Tirta Empul Bali is made by one of Hindu’s Gods, Indra. Again, based on the legend, this natural spring has power not only to heal human from certain disease, but it also has power to purify human’s soul. While enjoying bathing in Tirta Empul Bali, you will notice that inside the pool you will figure out twelve fountains with distinctive meaning sit row to the pool.

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