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Tegal Alang Ubud

Exploring Tegal Alang Ubud: A Journey for Pleasure Seekers

Tegal Alang Ubud

Tegal Alang Ubud

What comes to mind while visiting Bali? Its sandy beaches completed with big waves, unique cultural tourist attractions, and hectic nightlife. Moving on to the next spot, there is a wondrous rice field located in Tegal Alang Ubud in such exotically green, fresh, and attractive for travelers to get engaged with the local society’s activity of planting rice. It is located on the north side of Ubud Gianyar regency within the 20-minute-drive and 600 meters above sea level. Because of its incredible panorama, many tourists visit to and from Kintamani spend their time witnessing one of the God’s creation in beautiful Bali, Indonesia by just stopping at the moment to enjoy the pure beauty of TegalAlang Ubud rice terraces and having lunch at the restaurant completed with the picturesque scenery of the rice field.

Besides Tegal Alang Ubud, there are several intriguing rice field nearby Ubud such as rice terrace in Pejeng village and Campuhan village Ubud. People in Tegal Alang Ubudmostly work as farmers, whereas some of the others work for government officer and other private sectors. Besides rice fields, Tegal Alang Ubud is also famous for its homemade miscellaneous crafts of cat, mouse, dolphin, giraffe, etc. made of wood or iron located at the small village named Pakudui. Besides, other handicrafts such as bags that are varied according to the materials and models, stone carvings, wooden masks, etc. are also produced.

The History of Tegal Alang Ubud

TegalAlangUbud’s history is told in two versions. The first one started to occur in the eight century when Javanese Hindu priest RsiMarhandya returned to Bali from Java doing meditation at the river nearby Campuhan village. The second one was from the existence of Nirartha, the Javanese priest who had been regarded as the founder of Bali’s rituals back then. At that time, as Ubud city was the core of natural healing and medicine, its name was originated from the word Ubadin Balinese language for medicine.

Enjoying Several Tourist Attractions Around Tegal Alang Ubud

There are several tourist attractions to consider around Tegal Alang Ubud. First of all, Ubud’s forest named Sangeh Monkey forest nearby TegalAlangUbud village. The monkeys gallivanting in the forest regard the forest as their own home. The travelers can see how the monkey mothers take a good care of young monkeys by feeding them, and the other male monkeys that just watch from above. Both the monkeys and the place are considered sacred for Balinese people. Secondly, Agung Rai Museum located at Pengosekan village nearby Tegal Alang Ubud displaying Indonesia painting style around 600 meters from Monkey forest street of Ubud. Thirdly, Sari Organik as the most exotic spot to enjoy sunset dining in the evening. There are several open-air hut stalls named warungoffering smoothies with bamboo straws. Besides, it has neighboring farms whose scenery is as exotic as Tegal Alang Ubud rice field. Fourthly, Ubud central market nearby Tegal Alang Ubud that allows the travelers to see a moment when Balinese women bring their offerings to God consisted of crackers, cookies, and flower petals as their custom in every single morning. Fifthly, Pura Taman Saraswati as one of the most fancy temples in Ubud surrounded by wonderful water garden with abundant lotus flowers nearby Tegalalang Ubud area. Sixthly, Museum Puri Lukisan (Palace of Paintings) as it demonstrates the characteristics of Balinese paintings and drawings that had been developed in the 1930s until present. Sevenly, Petulu village located around 2.5 km north of Ubud is worth-visiting as there are colorful herons landing in the trees to seize the attraction of the travelers.

Sightly, have a dinner at Mozaic as it is one of Bali’s recommended restaurants around TegalAlang Ubud area. Within the scenery of beautiful garden, the travelers not only enjoy the delicacy of French cuisine blended with Balinese flavor but also have the pleasure to enjoy the panorama. Lastly, Gunung Kawi(Poet Mountain) as it is ancient monuments similar to Angkot War in Bali. Besides, it has several magnificent rock-carved shrines to see. In short, Tegal Alang Ubud has several tourist spots to explore as it leads the travelers to the journey of pleasure.