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Melangit Bali Rafting

Get the Best Rafting with Melangit Bali Rafting

Melangit Bali Rafting

Melangit Bali Rafting

If you would like to have the experience to have the best surfing, you can try to do it in Melangit River. Through Melangit Bali Rafting, you can get some good facilities that can support your vacation in enjoying the surfing. Melangit Bali Rafting River has the track for about eight km. the rapids level of the Melangir Bali Rafting River is 1 to 3.

The location of Melangit River

The location of Melangit Bali Rafting River is in Bekas Village, Klungkung, Bali. As a beginner, choosing this river for rafting is a suitable choice. Having the rapid from 1 until 3 has the meaning that this river is so safe. The flowing of the river is not too big. If you go to the Melangit River from Kuta, you just need the time for about 1 3/4 hours. It includes the river with middle level. The long river you can pass to do rafting is 8 km. you need for about 2 hours to complete the journey. You will be very fun because along the river you can see the beautiful view such as tropical forest with wild animals. Besides that, you also can find many rapids. It is so interesting trip you have never had before.

The schedule of rafting

You can choose one of the schedules that are in Melangit Bali Rafting. There are two choices; those are in the morning and in the afternoon. The morning session starts at 10.00 until 1.00 pm. Then, the afternoon session is for about 11.45 – 5.00 pm. The schedule of this session is for preparing 30 minutes, going rafting 2 hours, and the last is lunch for about 60 minutes.

It is all about the Melangit Bali Rafting that gives you the best trip in doing the rafting on Melangit River, Bali.



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