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Mas Village

Visiting Mas Village as the Tourism Village

Mas Village

Mas Village

Mas village is located in Ubud district, Gianyar, Bali. If you go to this place from Denpasar, you will reach this village for about 20 km and just 5 minutes from Goa Gjah Temple. Almost of along the way to Mas Village is completed with some several of art shops that display some statues. Many people that live in Mas Village have the profession as sculptor and engraver. The thing that becomes the main attraction of this village is the persistence in carrying values of humanism and naturalism. It becomes the central message.

The Interesting Art of Statue in Mas Village

Mas village is well known as the producer of the interesting art of statue. Even, this village has been known since in the past. Besides as the producer of the statue, there are a lot of crafts with good quality in Mas Village, for example, art and wood carving. Commonly, many visitors are interested in statue that is from the Mas Village. This is functioned for various rituals and offerings Balinese Hindu community, it becomes a symbol of social-community residents of Bali, as well as the statue is the work of the imagination that tends to abstract and contains the depth of the author’s philosophy.

Besides Mas Village is famous with the various kinds of the arts, this village is also located in the strategic location so it is no wonder if Mas Village often becomes as the destination tourism object. Mas Village tourism village is the interesting village that has many arts. Besides that, the condition of the nature of this village is so beautiful. You can enjoy it when you are going to this place. Visiting Bali without coming to the interesting Mas Village is not complete. When you make the plan about visiting Bali Island, make Mas Village becomes one of your destinations. Your vacation will be more exciting.

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