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Kintamani Bali

Visiting Kintamani Bali: Harmony of Nature and Beauty

Kintamani Bali

Kintamani Bali

Even though cities in Bali are not as enormous, crowded, and hectic as Jakarta, it has another city located on the eastern part of Bali named Kintamani. It is about 50 km from Denpasar or about 2-hour-drive. Bali active volcano of mount Batur and magnificent lake makes Kintamani Bali one of the most famous tourist spots to visit in 2015. There are several villages around Kintamani Bali area such as Trunyan, Sukawana Village, BuahanAbang, North Batur, Kedisan, South Batur, Songan, Middle Batur, and North Batur. Most of the society work for several occupations such as farmers, merchants, and industrial tourism. The impacts of Mount Batur eruption in Kintamani Bali since in the year 1800 has influenced the society to create a better place to live by removing the altar, improving the village, and re-arranging the tradition.

Mount Batur consists of three volcanic cones such as Batur I, Batur II, and Batur III within the peak of 5,633 feet. Meanwhile, the surrounding lake nearby Mount Batur has huge impacts of being the “heart” of the village as an irrigation source to all farmers located inside the active volcano. Besides, there is ToyaBungkah that has hot springs located at the lake approaching to 45 degrees Celsius temperature. Most local society are devoted that the water has power to heal properties as it flows from the center of Mount Batur. In Kintamani Bali, there will be a moment when a large market opens in every three days selling affordable Indonesian cuisine, freshwater fish from Lake Batur, and sweet oranges from Kintamani Bali region. January and February are considered as the wettest months within the increasing frequent of rain density to visit Kintamani Bali as its road is inaccessible due to the slippery trek especially for Mount Batur hiking. Here are several Bali travel guides to visit Kintamani Bali 2015 and getting closer to Kintamani Bali region.

The Way to Reach Kintamani Bali

In order to reach Kintamani Bali, it is accessible to visit there either by taxi or rented car. Besides, there are shuttle buses between southern Bali and Lovina stopping by at Kintamani. As there are hotels and home stays at Kintamani Bali region for travelers who want to spend several days in there, the visitors do not have to be panic of thinking about accommodation. When you go there, do not forget to visit the market during Paseh day in Balinese calendar as it sells oranges, corn, vegetable, dried fish, pots and baskets, etc.

What You Can Do in Kintamani Bali?

There are some things that you can do in Kintamani Bali. It will be better to visit Mount and Lake Batur in dry season as the exotic landscape is too picturesque and beyond amazing to enjoy. Remember to bring a camera as there are abundant breathtaking sceneries to be appreciated and shared with friends. Another thing you can do is to visit Pura Ulun Danau Batur during Odalan festival in March as there will be a ceremony dedicated to the goddess of the lake. Moreover, do not miss to visit Trunyan village in Kintamani Bali area as it is famous for its mortuary rituals. Balinese people do not cremate the dead bodies. Instead, they leave the bodies to be decomposed naturally.

In short, Kintamani Bali is one of the places that must be visited as its nature and beauty are blended into a harmony.