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Kecak Dance Bali

Kecak Dance Bali – An Outstanding Attraction of The Beautiful Island

Kecak Dance Bali

Kecak Dance Bali

If you have visited the island of Bali in Indonesia in your history, you must understand that this island is filled with tons of interesting attractions for tourists. This would be one of the main reasons that keeps millions of tourists coming back to Bali each time they have a chance. Many tourists aim Bali to have a relaxing and refreshing time on the beaches but you need to understand that the beautiful islands are not the only fascinating attraction in this island. Bali still has many things to offer including a number of stunning traditional dances. It is no secret that Kecak Dance Bali has been recognized as the most popular traditional Balinese dance. This particular dance is performed in a more regular manner to meet the demand from the visiting tourists.

Despite the fact that the traditional Kecak dance does not feature any musical accompaniment, it does not mean that you will witness a silent dance performance. In fact, the audience will be entertained by a chanting and repetitive chorus as the main background of this Balinese Kecak dance. The repetitive rhythm come from the mouth of the performers. The “cak-cak-cak” sound is produced by more than a hundred traditional dancers who sway their body and hands in a great harmony during the show.

The Interesting Background Story of Kecak Dance Bali

Every viewer of the Kecak Balinese dance shall be indulged with great performance from the dancers. It is more likely that you can enjoy this traditional dance even more if you have a better understanding about the story behind the harmonious dance. The Kecak traditional dance tells us about the love story between Rama and Shinta which is taken from the Ramayana. The opening of this dance is describing the rightful heir of Ayodya, prince Rama who is trying to hunt a golden deer in the jungle. Rawana, which is the evil character of the story, ceases this as a chance to kidnap prince Rama’s beautiful wife named Shinta. Thanks to the help from his younger brother and his allies, Rama manages to reclaim his beautiful wife from the evil king of Alenka. In a nutshell, the romantic story represent the classic battle between good and evil. Prince Rama, as the good character, always takes the last laught at the end of the story.

The main characters or performers of the Kecak dance are not the only ones who deserve your full attention. About a hundred of supporting dancers are also pretty animated and worth watching. They come in the same checkered pants. These dancers are the props and the choir of the traditional. These guys also manage to provide the music for the dance entirely. This dance has become a must-see tourist attraction to almost every tourist in Bali. The Kecak dance Bali is so fascinating that the 45 minute duration seems to be too quick to pass. Therefore, the next time you visit the island of Bali, make sure that watching this traditional Balinese dance is included into your schedule.