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Celuk village

Celuk village: The Village of Gold and Silver

Celuk village

Celuk village

Bali as one of the most famous islands in Indonesia has many aspects that offer uniqueness and attraction of its culture. We not only can see Balinese culture from the people there but also from the tourist destinations. One of the most visited destinations in Bali is Celuk village. Celuk village Bali is a traditional village that is famous for its gold and silver crafting. This village is located in Sukawati district, Gianyar Regency. The gold and silver craft industry in the village has been developed over the years and has been through a long historical process. Thus, almost all inhabitants are skilled and professional in producing and selling gold and silver.

The History of Celuk Village

Pande clan was the first group to discover the potency of gold and silver industry in Celuk village Bali. At first, the gold and silver crafting was only run within the families. Then, as the time went by, the activities had been spread among the villagers and became the main job of the village. Many villagers that previously worked as farmers shifted to craftsmen because gold and silver crafting was seen as a promising job. The activities have been passed down through generations and led significant and positive changes in the village’s society structure. Celuk villagebali then started to be known for its industrial market.

Tourist Attractions in Celuk Village

Gold and silver crafting in Celuk village Bali has been a great attraction for all tourists coming from around the world. The products come in various types of jewelry and souvenirs such as earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. They are made by the local people who have been experienced in the field for years. In addition, the tourists can also see the gold and silver making process directly from the professionals in Celuk village Bali.

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