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Beratan Temple

Beratan Temple; Temple and Lake into a Single Combination

Beratan Temple

Beratan Temple

There are hundreds places in Bali which are used for religion ceremony. If you are in Bali now, you should go some places for knowing the unique culture of Balinese people. One of the holy places that you may visit is Beratan Temple. This is a great temple in Bali after Besakih. For reaching Beratan Temple, you will not spend too long time by car. It is about two hours from Denpasar. Then, you might ask: what is the interesting thing in Beratan Temple?

In Beratan Temple, you will find the beautiful panorama. This temple is close to the BeratanLake. If you want to feel the cold air, this is the best place to go. Around the temple, the air is around 18 Celsius degrees. That is quite cold for tropical country. If you bring good camera, this is the good spot for capturing some photos. There are so many angles that you might take for capturing the temple. The photos of temple combined with the lake will be a great thing to have. Then, you should ask your tourist guide to tell about the history of this place. This temple was built in 17 century. It was about 400 years ago.

The Religion Ceremony in Beratan Temple

You might spend hours for enjoying Beratan Temple. If you come to that place in the special moment, you will see the religion ceremony of Hindu people. Beratan Temple is used for praying to DewaSiwa and DewiParwati. Both are the Hindu gods. In the religion ceremony, you will see the great thing that you will never see in western culture. Therefore, you should stop working and make a plan to go to Bali. After that, you may make a plan to go to Beratan Temple also. This will be the holy place that you may holiday in Bali.

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