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Batukaru Agrotourism

Enjoying the Coffee in Batukaru Agrotourism

Batukaru Agrotourism

Batukaru Agrotourism

Are you bored having the vacation in the beach or museum? If you feel like that, you can change the destination of your vacation. You can visit Batukaru agrotourism. There, you can get the different sensation of Bali tours package from other tourism objects in Bali. The interesting Batukaru Agrotourism is located beside the Batukaru restaurant. Because of that, you can enjoy the delicious food from Bali. You can eat while enjoy the beautiful view of Batukaru Agrotourism. Your eating will become more wonderful because you can see the amazing view of some rice field.

The various kind of plants thrive Batukaru Agrotourism

After having a meal in the Balinese Batukaru restaurant, you can be adventurous into Batukaru Agrotourism. You will see the sights of various types of plants that grow fast. There are various types of coffee, such as Arabica and Robusta. There are also Salak Bali, potatoes, chocolate, durian and many other plants.

Besides enjoying the views of various types of plants that grow fast, you can enjoy the fresh air there. In addition, you can learn how to make the original Balinese coffee directly from the professional man. Something that is so interesting from this place is there are many things that can be achieved after visiting Batukaru Agrotourism. So you will not just traveled, but also get a new knowledge.

Enjoying the coffee and ginger tea

In fact, you don’t only learn about the way to make the original coffee, however, you also can taste the coffee and ginger tea there. You can buy them in the surrounding of the area. You als will get the free sample of coffee and ginger tea. Drinking a cup of coffee while enjoying the Bali beautiful view can be done in the amazing Batukaru Agrotourism.

Batukaru agrotourism is the interesting place in Bali. For that, visit it soon via Bali tour service!