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Batuan Village

Batuan Village: The home of artisans and painters

Batuan Village

Batuan Village

Some traditional villages are popular as Bali tourist destinations among the tourists from local and international. Each village has its own attractive aspects. However, if you are a person who is interested in art and want to see great artworks and paintings, Batuan Village bali is surely the right place for you. Located near Ubud, Batuan Village has been well known for its artworks and painting styles. All tourists not only can see and buy artworks and handicraft there but also enjoy some tourism spots such as pura and temple.

Batuan Village History

The village’s traditional artworks have been popular for over thousand years. The name of the village was originated from the word “batu”. In Indonesian, batu means rock which in that time surrounded the area that now we call as Batuan village. The name gradually influenced by local people’s pronunciation and then changed into Batuan until now.

Batuan Village Paintings

Batuan Village paintings and artwork style have been popular destination in Bali over the years. They are made by Batuan village artisans that have experienced in the field for years. In the past, the paintings were only meant to be a part of religious activities such as traditional ceremony. The paintings described the religion and life of Balinese. The paintings always had dark theme. The objects were mainly about animals, monsters, witches and famous scenes from legendary stories of Balinese’s history. They usually were used as decoration in the temples or palaces. Unlike Ubud paintings, the paintings from Batuan Village were not influenced by western styles back then. However, western artists’ visit has changed some rules including the style and the equipment used. The paintings also were not only intended for ceremonial use. They became the icon of the village and also the main occupation of people there. These days, the paintings and artworks can be made and brought for various purposes.

Batuan Temple

In Batuan village there is popular Balinese Temple call Batuan Temple. This Temple has beautiful constructor with the great history. The Temple never quiet by the tourist every single day. You can see the Temple during visiting Batuan village. The Bali tour guide will show you the Temple and explained all about the Temple.

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