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Bali Seawalker

Bali Seawalker Tour as Your Alternatives to Diving or Snorkeling

Bali Seawalker Tour as Your Alternatives

Bali Seawalker Tour as Your Alternatives

Beach is one of the most exciting place to visit every holiday. The warm and sunny weather and the cool wind breeze makes beach is forever favorite place. One of the island in Indonesia, Bali, has numbers of beuatiful and natural beaches for your holiday choice. One of the beautiful beach here is Sanur beach; this place is famous for its Bali beautiful sunrise. Few years ago, this place is also known as the place for sea walker. Have you ever thought that it is possible to walk in the seabed with using a special helmet? No, this is not snorkeling or diving, this is sea walker.

Bali seawalker tour is another choice to enjoy and sublime with the underwater life. There is no special requirement for Bali seawalker tour; if you do not have heart or lung problems and currently on medication, pregnant women who have respiratory problems or asthma can not enjoy sea walker. However, there is no special skill such as snorkeling or diving skill require for sea walker. Right after you book Bali seawalker tour package, the staff will bring you to the sea walker base in Sanur Beach. You will get instructions of what you are allowed or restricted to do during the sea walker activity. They will also play a video to show you the example of the activity.

After you change into your swimsuit, the staff will take you to the dive spot in the ocean. You will be given a special helmet which can allow you to breathe underwater. The helmet seems a bit heavy out side the water, but you do not have to worry because it will get light underwater. During the activity, you are not allowed to bend down because it will make the water fill your helmet. Once you get down to the water, you can see all the beautiful coral reef and tropical fish. Bali seawalker tour can be your alternatives to enjoy the underwater life if you do not dive or Bali snorkeling.


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