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Bali Elephant Ride

Bali Elephant Ride Safari: Unique Experience with Challenging Ride

Bali Elephant Ride

Bali Elephant Ride

There is one more unique destination in Bali that you have to visit. It is not a beach, it is not a mountain, it is not a temple, it is not a place for shopping. It is called Bali Elephant Safari. There is one kind of experience you have to experience. It is Bali Elephant Ride Safari. I am pretty sure most of you have ever ridden a horse, but not an elephant. That is why it is a must while you are in Bali.

The Unique Bali Elephant Safari

Before talking about Bali Elephant Ride Safari, you may need to know about the Bali Elephant Safari. It is opened by the minister of tourism in 2000. It is about 2 hectares wide. It is so big that you can do the Bali Elephant Ride Safari there. The place is surrounded by forests. This is claimed as the best elephant safari in the world that has a large number of collections of the elephant. It is also the only safari that has Mammoth Skeleton in South East Asia.

If you go there, you will be able to have Bali Elephant Ride Safari to go around the safari and see all the things there. You will be able to see many kinds of elephants with tour guide explanation as the back sound. It will be one of your unique experiences while having your holiday in Bali. Of course, it is because riding an elephant is something you cannot do everywhere. In Bali, you can only ride it in this Elephant Safari. You do not need to worry about anything while you are there because aside from Bali Elephant Ride Safari, you will also be able to find many restaurants, gift shops that sell many kinds of thing about elephant, such as elephant ivory, elephant paintings, etc.


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